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Bryan Hatcher, Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist

Certified Senior Fitness Specialist


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Sports Conditioning

My sports conditioning programs are geared towards athletes of all levels: the young athlete who wants to get faster and stronger before the next season, a first responder who needs to improve endurance, military personnel, or simply someone who wants to complete their first 5K. I lead my athletes through a more functional, movement based program that links their body from toe to fingertip so that they can get stronger, faster, and more powerful on the playing field. My focus for athletes is enhanced movement and increased performance!

My Sports Background

Throughout my life I have participated in organized sports: baseball, basketball, football, cross country, and boxing. My current fitness hobbies include competing in triathlons, marathons, and ultra-marathons, and I enjoy doing CrossFit and other high-intensity workouts. I am a lifelong fitness enthusiast and athlete. The athlete is the most complex machine in the world! Here are a few that I have trained:

• Little League Baseball Players
• High School Football and Basketball Players
• Army Ranger Candidates and other Military Personnel
• Medical Personnel

• Individuals for Their First 5K & Half-Marathon
• Functional Fitness for Older Adults (Everyone is an Athlete!)
• Martial Arts Instructors

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